additionnel skills



Full Stack Developer

Nov 2019 | (4 months)

Technologies : Angular 8 | Bootstrap | jQuery | Laravel | Git | Svn
Tools : WebStorm | PhpStorm | DataGrip | Xampp | Vscode | Trello | Slack


Full Stack Developer

Jan 2018 | (2 years, 2 months)

After an unforgettable experience as a programming teacher for children, I decided to switch back to programming and code.

Tea Code

Personnal Projet - Wordpress

Jan 2018 | (2 years, 2 months)

I created this website to help novice developers learn on-demand technologies to get jobs as quickly as possible.



Jun 2018 | (1 years, 9 months)

I created my first online course and it's about css animations, hope you like it.

Grintaaa - Freelance

Full Stack Developer - Angular / Laravel

Jun 2019 | (9 months)

Development of a Social network dedicated to athletes.

Technologies : Angular 8 | Bootstrap | jQuery | Laravel | Git
Tools : WebStorm | PhpStorm | DataGrip | Xampp

Mediating - Freelance Mission

Full Stack Developer - Laravel / Wordpress

Jan 2019 - May 2019 | (5 months)

Developing a ticket management application.
Development of the AMDL (Moroccan Agency for Logistics Development) website.
Fixing old websites problems.

Technologies : Laravel | Wordpress | Bootstrap | Sass | jQuery | Git
Tools : Visual Studio Code | Prepros | Xampp


Full Stack Developer - Wordpress

Oct 2018 – Jan 2019 | (4 months)

Development of an Institutional Website.

Technologies : Wordpress | Bootstrap | Sass | jQuery | Git
Tools : Visual Studio Code | Prepros | Xampp

Graviton - Freelance Mission

Full Stack Developer - Laravel

Jun 2018 - Sep 2018 | (4 months)

Development of COSUMAR group's agricultural upstream management information system, The digitization of the aggregate-aggregated relationship and the automation of agricultural processes.

Technologies : Php | Laravel | Git | PostgreSQL | Rest Api
Tools : PhpStorm | DataGrip | Phabricator | Cloud 9 | pgModeler


Full Stack Developer - Laravel

Feb 2018 – May 2018 | (3 months)

Development of a showcase website.

Technologies : Laravel | Bootstrap | Sass | jQuery | Git
Tools : Visual Studio Code | Prepros | Xampp



Nov 2016 - Jan 2018 | (11 months)

Teach children between 5-16 years old the basics of programming using scratch & Ev3 Mindstorms.

Dirham Express - Internship

Frontend Developer

Jul 2016 - Sep 2016 | (3 months)

Redesign / Development of the DirhamExpress website.

Technologies : HTML | CSS | Javascript | jQuery | Bootstrap
Tools : Visual Studio Code

Association of Protection and Assistance - Internship

C# Developer

Apr 2016 - Juin 2016 | (3 months)

Development of a management system of a covered room (Pointing, Booking, Stock Management, Materials ....).

Technologies : C# | .NET | DevExpress | Sql Server | Crystal Report
Tools : Visual Studio 2010 | DevExpress Controls | Sql Server Management System


Auto Formation

No diploma


Coding challenges, hackathons, online tutorials have allowed me to learn & create many things.


Specialized Technician

2014 - 2016

Specialized Technician Diploma in Computer Sciences.


No diploma

2012 - 2014

Switch between surfing the internet and doing remedial teaching, I had a good time, no goal or plan of life / career, this allowed me to rebuild myself from scratch, and to be the person I'm today.

FST Mohammedia

Licence LST EI

2010 - 2012

Bachelor of Science and Technology in Electronics and Computer Science.

FST Mohammedia


2008 - 2010

University degree in science and technology.

High school Moulay Taib El Alaoui

Bachelor's degree in Sciences of Physics


Bachelor Series Experimental Sciences (option: Sciences of Physics).


Desktop App
C#.Net | DevExpress | Sql Server

Front End
Bootstrap | jQuery


Back End


Institutional Website
Wordpress | Bootstrap | jQuery

Social Network
Laravel | Angular

Institutional Website
Wordpress | Bootstrap | jQuery

Personal Site
Sass | Bootstrap | Wordpress

Issue Tracker
Laravel | Ajax | Bootstrap


Microsoft Certified Educator

Exam 193: Technology Literacy for Educators.

MS Certified Solutions Associate

Exam 483: Programming in C#.

MS Certified Solutions Associate

Exam 480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3.


the site

I created this website to help novice developers not only improve their skills, but also learn best practices in their tasks.

the Talks

I do a lot of "Talks" in my old school, to motivate students, answer their questions (about the work of developer, freelance) and give them advice ..


I have taught a lot, especially teaching kids to code by creating games, building with tools like scratch, & legos ev3 mindstorms.


I like to help other developers (not just developers) to solve their problems because it allows me to learn more and more, which drives me to help more and more.


I'm not a genius but I love to participate in online contests and hackathons, here are some references: hackerrank | codeforces | codechef.


My favorite sports are football, mind games (chess, sudoku), martial arts (kung fu and taekwondo). Unfortunately, the last has not been practiced for a long time ..


Reading is one of my favorite moments; it is there that I feel like I am in the company of an expert (whatever the subject of the book). Here are some recommendations: The Art of Thinking Clearly | The Richest Man in Babylon | Goals! | Eat That Frog!.


I like to contribute to projects / ideas that could solve a problem, help people, in other words, bring or lead to a change.


Apart from the training / tutorials, we can learn a lot of things just by watching a webinar (semiaire web) or a podcast, here are some links:
Podcasts: The PHP Roundtable | The freeCodeCamp Podcast | Modern Web | Tech Jr.
Conferences: WeAreDevelopers | Google Chrome Developers | JSConf | Docker Webnaires

other experiences

call centers

I worked in a few call centers only to pay bills and support myself a little.

remedial teaching

Just like call centers, support classes had the same goal.


I worked (helped in fact) my brother to sell sandwiches, snacks, soup, "الحرشة" sorry, no French word for that but here are the pictures : "Link".

What people say