Turning Tea into Code

whether you are learning to code, thinking about it, looking for an internship or looking for a job in software development,
join a moroccan developers community who can help you in your learning journey.


attend workshops (run by professionals/students) on differents subjects (Project management, Programming, DevOps ...etc), here is the details :

  • learn the basics of a language, framework or technology.
  • work/collaborate with other members to sharp your problem solving skills.
  • build projects from scratch.
  • solve coding challenges together.


join the online meetings to practice communication in English/French every week, here is why :

  • ability to communicate with the language itself.
  • create connections with other new people.
  • increase the chances to land an interview/job.
  • new doors opened for more knowledge.
  • don't underestimate yourself, because we don't.


discussions about different subjects to answer questions such as:

  • what should I learn to become a good software developer ?
  • it's hard for me to learn coding.
  • what to do after highschool ?
  • i don't know how to look for a job as a software developer ?
  • what are soft skills ?
  • do I need math to become a software developer ?
  • And any other subjects related to studies/career.

pair programming

join our practice sessions to train your mind and prepare for professional coding challenges.

  1. access the #🧩 Pair Programming using Discord desktop app (for a better experience).
  2. once you get in the discord server you can visit #📝-challenges room to see the current list of the challenges.
  3. you will be split into teams of two people — you and your coding partner.
  4. one of you will start as the Driver 🚘 (the person who codes), and the other person will be the Navigator 🧭 (the person who helps)
  5. once the first Driver finishes the challenge (with the help of the Navigator), you will switch roles.

mock interview

A mock interview is a simulation that allows you to work on verbal/nonverbal communication skills and become familiar with interview settings, here is how :

  1. choose an interviewer by asking the server members.
  2. choose/share a job offer as example with the interviewer and start the interview.
  3. share your resume with the interviewer (use screen sharing, shared link ... etc).
  4. take your time answering questions.
  5. the interviewer will review the mock interview with you at the end.